HERON DST: incorporating Energy Efficiency socio-economic barriers in scenarios development.
End-users behavior, matters.
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In the race against Climate Change, how important do you consider the efforts towards Energy Efficiency?

HERON DST is a desicion support tool aiming to translate qualitative information from end-users behavior into quantitave data, in order to include socio-economic factors, such as cultural, social, etc in the development of Energy Efficiency scenarios.
By doing so, policy makers have more accurate input of current status, supporting their work on setting targets and adopting scenarios.
Please rate HERON DST towards it's usefulness in the EE scenarios development and target setting.

HERON DST is a free software.
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HERON DST is based on a newly developed methodology.
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Training workshop shall include theory and methodology, demo of HERON DST, case studies presentation, hands-on practice.
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